The area of 49 acres is located in Goudi Park is the famous camp entos (modern history).
Was donated by the Ministry of Defense to the then Mayor of Zografou, Mrs. Sakelaridou. In 2002, Mayor John Kozakos, using EU funds created this unique green lung in Zografou. By decision of the then Municipal Council area to remain clean and accessible for the general public has commissioned the completion of private buildings (and Neoclassical TOLL) in exchange for the commercialization of space, so to contest the neoclassical (former headquarters of the camp) the TOLL and golf 5X5 came in law of N. Sarganis that in collaboration with Elias Berios did in Goudi Park the Athletic Centre SARGKANIS - BERIOS.
The aim was and is to inoculate children in sports. Make them experience the joy of learning, the fitness of "fair play" the secrets of football, dance, rhythmic gymnastics and martial arts.


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